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H1B lottery Process

H1B lottery Process

USCIS randomly selects registrants to submit their complete H-1B visa petition using a lottery system. The annual H-1B visa limit is 85,000. There are 65,000  regular H-1B visas each year and an additional 20,000 visas reserved for applicants with advanced degrees. Some exceptions to the H-1B visa cap include people entering the U.S. to work in higher education or affiliated research/non-profit organizations. Of the 65,000 regular H-1B visas, 6,800 are specifically for citizens of Chile and Singapore under the H1-B1 visa.

How Does The H-1B Visa Lottery Process Work?

H-1B visa temporary work visa is issued by the US government to foreign nationals who work in specialised areas. The worker’s employer is accountable for filing the visa petition on his or her behalf. The visa is granted to workers with expertise in theoretical and practical aspects of the specialised industry. The H1-B visa lottery process is adopted to select H-1B visa applicants.

Once the registration window for the H1-B Visa is closed, USCIS conducts the H-1B visa lottery to specify which registrations will be asked to the next stage. This is a spontaneous selection procedure of registrations collected during the window. H1-B Visa Lottery Processes are done at random and are not specified by when the registration was submitted nor is there any review of the merits of the enrolment.

Once the H1B cap has been filled, random petitions will be selected from the Master’s Cap  requests. Any registration that is not chosen will return back into the regular cap.Successful enrolments are then informed and invited to acknowledge their full H-1B petition within the particular deadline. The specified deadline is usually 90 days from the announcement. It is significant to know that selection in the H1-B visa lottery process does not ensure that the visa will be granted. The petition will be evaluated against the visa regulations and eligibility standards.

Why Should You to Hire an H-1B Lottery Attorney?

Due to the increased number of registrations, getting an H-1B visa is challenging. The H1-B Lottery Process is used to select which petitions are evaluated. Given below are three reasons why you should hire a skilled H-1B Lottery attorney:

  1. To make sure that the application is filed accurately. This means it correctly falls under either the regular or master’s cap. USCIS will reject registrations which are inaccurately provided into the master’s cap. Because the principles surrounding acceptance into the master’s cap can be tricky, it’s best to have assistance from an H-1B Visa Attorney.
  2. Employers want to avoid delivering many registrations for a particular beneficiary, either consciously or accidentally. Doing so will abolish all registrations for the beneficiary and result in employers losing their opportunities of having them get an H-1B visa this year.
  3. Once USCIS chooses a registration, the case has only just started. With rejections and RFEs on the surge, it is important to have a professional at your side when the USCIS finalizes your H-1B visa request.

How Can We Help?

A specialist in immigration issues can also assist you to consider alternative visa ways like H1B Visa Lottery Process. We will guide you through the process of an H1-B Visa. We have a proven history of assisting associations with crucial H-1B requirements to achieve full compliance and mitigating the chance of penalties and late fines. Contact us to discuss your H-1B visa requirements. If you have any questions about the H1B visa or work visa, email me directly at prashanthi@reddyesq.com or call us at (212) 354-1010. My team of US immigration lawyers and I would be happy to help you get your H1B visa.

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