Investor Visa

The US has been a land of opportunities, and that is what attracts a lot of startups founders and investors to this country; the investment route to enter the country is believed to be the smart one and we are there to help you

What is an investor visa?

As the name suggests, an Investor visa is one that provides foreign national investors with a chance to enter the States and engage in such economical activities that benefit the U.S. economy via means of capital investment and job creation.
The two fundamental pre-requisite of any investor visa ( immigrant or non-immigrant ) are :

  • Minimum capital investment from the applicant.
  • Investment should focus on job creation and economic development.

Different types of Investor visa

Who can apply for an Investor visa?

The eligibility criteria for USCIS accepting any US Investor visa application depend mainly on the minimum investment criteria defined under the law for specific visa types, subject to the condition the applicant is not involved in activities deemed illegal as per immigration guidelines. The main activities defined as illegal are:

  1. drug trafficking.
  2. overstaying on the previous visa.
  3. submitting fraudulent document.
  4. wilful misrepresentation

In the case of an immigrant investor visa type, EB-5, the minimum investment guideline is predefined, but there can be different amounts depending on the investment area. But in a non-immigrant visa type like EB-2. In contrast, the case of investor parole is quite different, a particular program created to attract foreign entrepreneurs to the country.

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Investor visa application process

EB-5 Visa: As a part of the application process, you need to first submit Form I-526. Further, your application needs to be backed up by relevant documents presenting that you’ve invested or are in the process of investing your capital into the enterprise. Once done, you need to transfer the sum to an escrow account from where the release of funds is conditional on I-526 adjustment and approval of status or visa issuance. Evidence of mere intent to invest at a later date is insufficient.

E2 Visa: To file for an E2 visa, you need to fill the Form I-129, backed by relevant proof to present that you have or are looking forward to investing in a business.
However, to be an applicant under the E2 visa category, you need to be a national of a country that has an E2 treaty with the United States.
Your E2 business must be an active, for-profit business, with investments secured via lawful sources.

Investor Parole: Entrepreneurs applying for the Investor Parole visa program need to have their Form I-941 Application for Entrepreneur Parole duly filed with USCIS. Once their application is approved, they can then obtain the necessary travel documents from their foreign consulate.

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How can we help with your Investor visa??

Ever since its inception, the Law Offices of Prashanthi Reddy, PLLC, an NYC-based immigration law practice, has helped many nationals with the successful application of their investor visa. As a result, our years of continued service around investor visas have allowed us to help investors of multiple categories.

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