The O1 visa for the US is a non-immigrant visa, which is allocated to foreign residents who have extraordinary abilities or accomplishments in the field of science, education, and arts. The applicant’s accomplishments must have been acknowledged in the field through thorough documentation.

Because it is intended for individuals in science, education, or the arts, it is also called an extraordinary ability visa or an artist’s visa.

Characteristics of O-1 Visa

You can apply for an O1 visa if you are someone who is achieved in a specific field of work and has extraordinary abilities or achievements. There is two Variety of O1 visas, depending on your field of expertise – the O1A and O1B:

  • O1A VISA: This is for individuals who have extraordinary abilities in the fields of arts, sciences, business, education, or athletics.
  • O1B VISA: This is for the one who has a vast knowledge in the arts or outstanding accomplishments in the fields of motion pictures or television.
Features of an O Visa or Status Include:
  • O visas are permitted for the period essential for a particular event, up to a maximum of three years, with unlimited expansions in one-year increments.
  • The O visa holder and family can travel in and out of the U.S. or stay for as long as the visa status is accurate.
  • A spouse and or children under the age of 21 may accompany the O visa holder, but they can’t accept employment in the United States.
  • Spouses and children with the O-3 visa are permitted to go to private and public educational institutions.
  • The applicant must submit a no objection letter to obtain the O visa.
  • The spouse with an O-3 visa is not eligible to obtain a different work permit (Employment Authorization Document, EAD).
What is O1 visa
O Visa Eligibility Requirements

1.    Ability in Science, Education, Business, or Athletics

For candidates in the field of sciences, education, business, and athletics. Candidates must prove that they are champions in the given area.  This can be validated through the evidence of an important, internationally recognized award like the Nobel Prize or Olympic medals or has accomplished at least three of the following pieces of evidence below:

  • Evidence of an award received a nationally recognized prize or award for excellence
  • Attained membership in associations that require outstanding performances of their members in a special field of expertise, as judged by recognized national or international professionals
  • Evidence of the work circulated material in professional or major trade publications or major media (regarding you and your work)
  • participation in a council or individually, as a judge of the project of others in your field
  • made a unique scientific, educational, or business-related contribution of major significance to the field
  • penned scholarly articles in professional journals or leading media
  • been previously employed in a crucial or essential capacity for an organization with a distinguished status, or
  • command or have commanded a high salary or other extraordinary allowance for your employment.

2.    Ability in the Arts

The candidate may verify qualification through evidence of selection or nomination receipt of a prominent, national or internationally recognized award such as an Academy Award, an Emmy, or Grammy Award. In absence of such an award, candidates can establish themselves as qualifying through at least three of the following kinds of evidence:

  • Performing a lead role in productions, movies,or events which have a distinguished reputation (as evidenced by advertisements, press releases, or endorsements)
  • Meaningful reviews or other published material in major trade publications by the major media about the candidates indicate that he/she has attained national or international recognition accomplishments
  • Evidence of performance in a lead role or starring in a critical role for organizations.
  • Evidence of a document of major commercial by the candidates or critically notable successes in the performing arts. It can be illustrated by box office receipts or records, cassettes, compact disks, or video sales.
  • Evidence of considerable recognition for achievements from associations, government agencies, or other recognized directors in the field
  • Evidence of having appointed with outstanding salary or other considerably high remuneration for services about others
  • Other similar evidence

For more information on the O-1 visa, please click one of the following links:

  1. USCIS Policy Manual Volume 2, Part M, Chapter 4, Section C, and Appendix: Satisfying the O-1A Evidentiary Requirements.
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