March marks the beginning of the new H1B cap season, and with the new visa bulletin, things are getting clearer from the perspective of Green card petitioners. The current episode discusses the recent USCIS announcement on final action dates for different green card categories and a detailed overview of the H1B registration process.

  • The key highlights of the March 2022 visa bulletin discussed in is the current episode includes :
    Details about the final action date for EB-2 and EB-3 category Green cards for India and China and their corresponding movement forward or backward.
    The notification on inter-filing
  • The episode also discusses various details of the H1B 2023 cap season registration.
    1. The number of new H1B visa numbers available in the 2023 season under the undergraduate and masters category.
    2. A complete step-by-step explanation of the H1B registration process.
    3. What are the different things which a registrant should keep in mind during the H1B registration process and the mistakes one should avoid?
    4. Common problems registrants face and how they can easily handle them?
    5. What is the chance of a registration acceptance in the 2023 H1B cap season during the H1B lottery by USCIS?
    6. Exemptions under H1B 2023 cap registrations
Published On: February 23rd, 2022 / Categories: podcast, US Visa Bulletin News /

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