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The Feb 2023 visa bulletin is out now, an essential document for green card applicants which USCIS releases each month that give them an idea of the movement of their place in line in getting their green card approval. The main highlights of the current bulletin shows:

  1. USCIS, in the current bulletin, has not given any instructions on which table to use ( final action or dates of filing)
  2. The Final action dates of employment-based green card category EB1 for India remain the same on Feb 1, 2022, and it remains current for the rest of the world.
  3. EB2 & EB3, two categories under employment-based green card for Indians, remain the same as the Jan 2023 bulletin on Oct 8, 2011, and Jun 15,2021, respectively.
  4. There are no changes in family-based categories except for Mexico and F2A, which is spouses and children of US Citizens, is the only family-based category that remains current


Published On: January 14th, 2023 / Categories: Green Card updates and details, US Visa Bulletin News /

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