The week that closed on Apr 10, 2022, is vital for the seekers of employment-based immigrant ( Green card ) or non-immigrant visas. The house passed two crucial bills passed the US House of Representatives on Apr 6, 2022, which promise to bring some significant reforms in the employment-based non-immigration visa category or H1B and employment-based category for Green cards. In the current episode, Prashanthi speaks about: A. The

  1. Eagle Act or Equal access to Green cards for legal employment Act, passed in the house on Apr 6, 2021, proposes setting the system to finish the non-merit-based method of allocating green cards. In the current system, even if a green card applicant is qualified or more qualified as per the category definition laid down by USCIS, they fall behind in getting a green card issued based on their country of birth.
  2.  The Jumpstart Act, the bill was tabled before the House by Congresswomen Zoe Lofgreen on Apr 6, 2022. The account is yet another attempt to introduce legislation to recapture hundreds of thousands of unused family and employment-based green cards and clear the backlog.
  3. USCIS announcement on Apr 4, 2022, in which they have directed both Nebraska Service Center (NSC) and Texas Service Center (TSC) to cease adjudication of all Employment-Based (EB) Form I-485 cases other than those based on 4th preference petitions (religious workers, special immigrant juveniles, etc.). Other the topics discussed above, Prashanthi answers some of the common FAQs for I-485, which are: 1) Should one maintain non-immigrant status after filling for I-485? 2) What would happen to a person if they lose their job when I-485 status is still pending? 3) What are common RFE for I-485? 4) When can one file for I-485 adjustment of status?
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