In the current episode, Prashanthi discusses three critical topics:
The budget reconciliation bill 2021 is part of Plan C of the Democrats to bring significant reforms in the immigration law. The bill which has provisions to
a) Shield undocumented immigrants living in the US,
b) Recovers millions of green cards that have gone unused in the years since 1992
c) allows some people who have been waiting to be issued a green card for at least two years to pay additional fees to bypass certain annual and per-country limitations and become permanent residents years.

New guidelines around including Covid-19 vaccination making it part of the mandatory vaccines for applicants of green card with some blanket protection in certain specific cases like pregnancy, shortage of vaccines etc

Alternatives to H1B like Cap-exempt H1B, O visas, L1 visas and TN visas with details about who qualifies or not and the benefits around them

Published On: December 10th, 2021 / Categories: video /

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