Everybody is looking for many answers concerning their Green card applications, and with the recent retrogression, new questions are now part of the list. The current episode of Immigration tries to demystify the top ones:

 What are the estimated Green card numbers for 2023?

  •  Can Green card numbers of one employment-based category be used in another if not required in another category?
  •  Why have USCIS retrogressed dates in the Oct 2022 visa bulletin?
  • What is the impact of retrogression on the final action dates of a particular Green card category?
  •  What is the path forward for Green card applicants in case of retrogression?
  •  When is the derivative applicant’s child’s age locked under the CSPA act in the case of the employment-based green card category?
  •  How is the child’s age calculated per the CSPA act in the case of the employment-based Green card category?
  •  Should one file their I-693 (medicals) while filing their I-485 in case of adjustment of status?
  •  Should one send their medicals to USCIS later if not done at the time of filing?
  •  What happens if the immigration visa application is approved but the “adjustment of status” is pending?
  •  Why does the USCIS website show a lengthy processing time for I-485 for employment-based green cards at the Texas and Nebraska service centre?
  • How does the interfiling or transfer of unaligned basis request process work?
  •  How is the beneficiary child’s age calculated in interfiling?
Published On: October 10th, 2022 / Categories: Green Card updates and details, video /

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