Many new H-1Bs filed during any H-1B cap seasons are students recruited by US employers. Many beneficiaries can be in F1 & OPT status before the change. There are many situations that may arise during the period, like

  •  One can go out of status before the start date of H-1B.
  • H-1B petition can get denied once you lose the student visa status.
  • Situations where one needs to file for OPT extension before the change in status to H-1B

There can be similar other situations, and this episode tries to throw a solution to the same by answering some critical questions around

  • How does the H-1B cap-gap occur, and how do students filing for a change in status from F1 to H-1B take its benefits to stay in status before completely changing status to H-1B?
  • What happens if there is a denial of the H1-B petition if the beneficiary or the student is in F1 status cap-gap extension?
  • Is stem OPT extension allowed during the cap-gap period.
  • How to fix H-1B start date issues? What happens if there is a change in Employment (like an H-1B employer has terminated the employment contract )?
Published On: May 3rd, 2022 / Categories: H-1B Visa, Student Visa, video /

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