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Every year USCIS comes with its list of H1-B visa numbers available for new applicants from different countries in March, and as a follow-up, dates and numbers have been made public by USCIS for 2023 recently.

2023 H1B registration dates and H1B cap: The registration starts on 1st March in the current year, and the final date for application acceptance is 18th March. The total number of new H1Bs for 2023 is 80000, divided into two brackets. The first bracket of 60000 is for regular applicants, and the second one is for people with a master’s degree from a US school or university.

2023 H1B registration steps and mistakes to avoid: The current episode talks about the different steps involved in the registration process and how to succeed. The steps start with filing the registration through the USCIS website. One of the critical mistakes one should avoid is not making any typo errors and avoiding inputting information that the USCIS can’t validate. The current episode also explains the nuances of the lottery process, which is a follow-up to registration. The lottery method is a process followed by USCIS to define the qualification of registrants selected for filling the H1B petition in the next 90 days. Essential FAQ in the H1B registration process: Is there any way to re-appeal for H1B registration once rejected? What are the risks associated with people filing for registration under the US Masters exemption category? How does USCIS treat if there is a typo error in the H1B registration? How does USCIS treat if there is a change in the sponsor employer’s address in H1B registration form? How to handle the issue of change of immigration attorney during the 2023 H1B registration process?

Published On: February 8th, 2022 / Categories: H-1B Visa, H1B Reources, video /

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