How can one respond to an H-1B RFE related to SOC codes?


What are the chances of H-1B approval with a new employer if the earlier with another is denied?


What will happen to an approved H-1B from India if citizenship changes?


What option does a TN visa holder have to bring their non-Canadian spouse to the US?


How can one qualify for a TN visa with a specific academic background?


How can one sort filing-based typo errors in H-1B Extension?


Can one use their remaining STEM OPT time after H-1B expiration?


How to handle the denial of an H-1B transfer?


Will parents of an H-1B holder face problems at the port of entry if the H1B expires very soon?


 How do we address an H-1B RFE related to the difference in address between LCA and paystubs?

Published On: December 19th, 2023 / Categories: News & Updates, video /

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