Can one apply for an H4 EAD without an H4 Extension?


 Can one get their visa stamped for an H1B extension in a country other than their home? 


 Can one change employer/project while the H1B amendment is not approved?


Does the current H-1B require amendment if the job position differs in case of future EB-3 filing?


What conditions must be fulfilled to work with a new employer with approved GC EAD and advance parole?


How do you reclaim the unused period in H-1B during the H-1B extension? 


Can an H-1 B-approved person without a visa stamp travel outside the U.S. and return without stamping?


Is it necessary to do the H4 visa transfer every time there is an H-1B transfer?


 Can one with an approved H-1B but with no history of working file with another employer?


Can one re-enter in the U.S. after the H-1B visa stamp expires?


Can one with an approved I-797A H1B use Automatic revalidation based on an expired TN visa?


Will the PERM Process affect if there is a change of location of my H1B?

Published On: November 30th, 2023 / Categories: H-1B Visa, video /

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