February is a crucial month for the immigrant community, first from the perspective of filling for H1-B registration as the same starts next month and second from the point of view of the new visa bulletin. March 2022 Visa bulletin has recently been made public by the USCIS, an essential document for Green cards. Petitioners. The episode discusses some of the vital updates mentioned in the March bulletin, which are

  1. EB-2 final action dates for India moved by four months when compared with Feb bulletin the forward movement was for six months. On the other hand, EB-3 dates have remained the same.
  2. EB-2 for China has remained the same though it moved forward in the Feb bulletin. On the other hand, similar to India, the EB-3 for china remains the same.

The H1-B 2023 cap registration process starts on 1st March, and 18th March is the late date to participate before the H1B lottery starts; the current episode speaks about a few essential things about the 2023 H1B cap season, which include:

  • A number of new H1B visas are available in the 2023 H1B cap season
  • Explanation of different steps involved in the H1B registration
  • Things a registrant should keep in mind while registering. Since the HR department of sponsoring employers would be involved in the process, these are critical points important for HR managers.
  • A brief discussion on the common problems people face during the registration and the various ways they can solve them.
Published On: February 17th, 2022 / Categories: H-1B Visa, H1B Reources, US Visa Bulletin News, video /

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