The current episode answers all the essential questions one might have about a student visa ( especially the F1 visa ) and the impact of the Nov 2022 USCIS update that came as a follow-up to the Department of Education’s August 2022 announcement on ACICS. The critical queries about F1 visas answered in the video are:

  •  What is F1 CPT and OPT?
  •  What are the qualifying guidelines for students to get F1 CPT or OPT?
  •  What is the SEVIS system’s importance on a student visa?
  •  What are the dos and don’ts for students looking to change their status from F1 to H1B? The video explains the new USCIS update’s impact on student visa holders and what students can do to navigate the changing environment.
Published On: November 14th, 2022 / Categories: F1 Visa, video /

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