Introduction: We have noticed some recent upheavals among petitioners fearing to file their H-1B petitions even though they got picked up during the lottery process. The event is in tandem with serious concerns raised by USCIS in its press release about petitioners colluding so that the chance of a beneficiary’s application getting selected for the H-1B visa issuance for the fiscal year 2023-24. The concerns raised by USCIS is because of the high numbers of registration filed by H-1B employers for multiple beneficiaries in the current cap season. USCIS even came with a message of legally penalizing employers evolved in collusion. Law Offices of Prashanthi conducted a webinar on 7th June 2023 to address the questions of employers raised by the dilemma of collusion forcing them not to file petitions and some essential tips to manage RFEs and NOIRs.

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The Major topics of discussion during the webinar were:

  1. USCIS’s take on Multiple H1-B Registrations and H1-B Collusion.
  2. Overview of the H1-B visa program and its requirements.
  3. Common reasons for receiving H1-B RFEs.
  4. How to address H1-B RFEs effectively.
  5. Recent trends and updates in H1-B visa adjudication.