Introduction: The Law Offices of Prashanthi Reddy hosted an online webinar where our founder Prashanthi Reddy ( a well Immigration Lawyer and part of the Newyork Bar) spoke about some of the essential US Immigration updates which came in April 2023 and gave some important tips on how one file their H1-B cap cases in the current season effectively.

Objective: Many people make basic mistakes while filing their H1-B cap case. There are ones that are critical but often ignored. The objective of the webinar is to make beneficiaries and petitioners understand the nuances which otherwise may lead to the rejection of the application.

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Major Topics of Discussion:

The webinar has two sections:

Section 1: Immigration updates which came during April 2023

Section 2: Top 10 mistakes people should avoid while filing their H1-B cap case in the 2024 cap season.

The different updates in April 2023:

  1. USCIS has put forward a new proposal to increase all filing fees. From the perspective of an H1-B Visa once the proposal becomes law the filing fee would become $1000 and the new registration fee would be $200.
  2. There are four different components in the H1-B filing fees. USCIS has put forward a new proposal that will mandate applicants to use separate checks for every component and non-adherence to the guideline will lead to the rejection of their case.
  3. New numbers showcase that USCIS has shown a considerable jump in the number of applications they are processing now when we compare the same with pre-pandemic numbers. The numbers reflect the USCIS processed 2.7 million cases in 2021 whereas the number stands at 6.8 million in 2022 for the non-immigrant visa category.
  4. The extension provision of 60 days given during the pandemic for responding to RFEs, NOIR, etc exists no more. The older provision will apply to RFEs or NOIRs received till 31 March 2023.
  5. The Office of Foreign Labour Certification ( OFLC) will begin accepting a revised Form ETA-9089
  6. The Office of Labour certification will stop accepting new applications with PERM online system from 15 May 2023, and a new FLAG (Foreign Labour application gateway) system will become the new destination for all future filings.
  7. A new update in the CSPA act would act as a relief for aging out children. The new update is part of the Feb 2023 guidance issued by USCIS.

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The top 10 tips and suggestions which filing an H1-B cap case:

  1. Registration selection notice.
  2. The mandatory forms that one needs to fill when somebody is filing an H1-B cap case.
  3. How to calculate the filing fee and write checks to make payment for the same?
  4. What are the essential sections in filing forms that the beneficiary and petitioner need to sign while filing an H1-B cap case?
  5. What is the correct start date and how to evaluate that while filling out Form I-129?
  6. What are the essentials boxes which an applicant needs to check on various forms while filing for an H1-B cap case?
  7. What is the importance of LCA in H1-B cap case filing and what to look for?

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