This episode of ” Prashanthi Speaks.”, the Immigration Podcast, is in continuation of Episode 37, where we spoke about the basics of I-485 filing; in the current episode, we discuss two of the critical issues around I-485 filings, ie. Interview and application denials. The questions addressed in the episode are
1. Is the I-485 InterviewInterview is mandatory in the I-485 fillings?
2. In which scenarios the USCIS can call for an I-485 interview?
3. What kind of questions do the USCIS officials ask during an I-485 interview?
4. What documents one should carry during the I-485 interview
5. What are the chances of denial for the I-485 application?
What is the legal discourse available if there is a denial of the I-485 application?

Published On: November 17th, 2021 / Categories: podcast /

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