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In order to get an L1 visa, the employee should have worked in the foreign entity for at least one year as a specialized knowledge worker, an executive, or a manager in the previous three years and should be sponsored to work in the same capacity for the U.S. entity.

An L-1 visa is for intra-company transfers of skilled workers, managers, and executives. The qualification required for the visa is primarily based on the aspect of whether the transfer would benefit the U.S economy. The Applicants must have worked at a foreign company for at least one continuous year within the last 3 years. There should be a qualifying relationship between both the parent and subsidiary company.

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Why Do You Need an L1 Attorney In New Jersey?

L-1 Visa helps in transferring skilled workers to the U.S office. The L1 visa is allotted to a person who is already working in the organization and being transferred to an American office of the same organization. An L1 Attorney New Jersey will help professionals to submit proper documentation for approval of L-1 Visa application.

What Are Some Key Points to Consider When Applying For L-1 Visa?

  • L1A visa: This visa is issued if you are an employee who is transferred to U.S for working as a manager or executive.
  • L1B visa: If you are an employee who is transferred to U.S and will perform duties as a person requiring specialized knowledge.
  • The individual who is allocated the L1 Visa is called an intracompany transferee. The US firm is the petitioner and the L1 workers are considered as a beneficiary. The US firm must file the petition on behalf of the worker.
  • The L-1 visa originally authorizes you to work in the U.S. for 1-3 years. You can ask for a three-year extension. Total time allowed on a L-1A is 7 years while a L-1b is 5 years.
  • Managers who have special knowledge can stay in the US for up to 7 years legally.
  • On the other hand, employees with specialized knowledge can only stay in the U.S up to 5 years.
  • The L1 visa does not mandate that the US firm give you a specific wage. Other visas require that you get paid a wage equal to your role and title. The L1 does not have this condition.
  • If you want your partner and children to accompany you to the U.S, your family must apply for an L-2 Visa.
  • Also, your partner is eligible to work once in the country.
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How will an L1 Attorney In New Jersey Benefit You?

An L1 Attorney New Jersey can help you in determining the required documents for the L1 Visa case. The attorney can direct you through the complicated application procedure. It assures you to fill out all the documentation correctly and give a solution to all the visa-related queries. Look for an experienced L1 Visa Attorney in New Jersey before starting the application process. Having an experienced attorney by your side provides you guidance throughout your immigration-related cases. L1 Attorney New Jersey can supervise you through the complex L-1 application process, ensure you submit all the documentation correctly, and answer any questions that may arise. Do not forget to consult with one of the experienced L-1 visa attorneys at New Jersey before you engage in the application process.

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At the Law Offices of Prashanthi Reddy, PLLC, a L1 Visa Attorney, we have filed numerous L-1 petitions. Hence, we are very familiar with the kind of cases that the USCIS approves. As a result, we can anticipate difficulties and offer the right advice at the right time For L1 Visa Filling. To reach out to our immigration lawyers at the Law Offices of Prashanthi Reddy, PLLC, mail at prashanthi@reddyesq.com or call us at 212-354-1010. you can Also Find latest Immigration Update About All US Visas. Our Immigration Attorney Also Provide Immigration Services to Other U.S State As Well new YorkNew JerseyTexas, and  California . If you have any questions about the L1 visa or work visa, Book Your Appointment With us.


The L1 visa is a specific kind of work visa for internal transfers within an organization; the primary criterion for a person eligible for an L1 visa is that they should fall under the category of a speciality occupation and have worked with the company as a manager or executive. A person seeking to enter the US using an L1 visa using internal transfer within a company should have at least worked with the organization for at least one year out of the last three years before filling out the application

USCIS issues an L1 visa for a maximum period of five years. If post expiry one needs to continue with the status, they can do it after one year by working with the company’s branch, affiliate, or parent in a foreign location.

Though the L1 visa is an excellent alternative to H1B, qualification guidelines are stricter. The sponsoring employer needs to convince the USCIS the person in consideration is a manager, executive or employee with specialized knowledge.

An employer can use two categories of L1 visas to transfer somebody to its US Office. L1-A is a category for executives or managers, and L1-B is for people in a speciality occupation; the transferred employee should have specialized knowledge in a particular field which is strategic and indispensable for the employer’s business function.

A basic visa filing fee is $325, but if there is premium processing required, there is an additional fee of $1225. Other than this, there is an extra cost of $500 called the Detection and Fraud prevention fee. In some exceptional circumstances, one might need to incur an additional charge of $2250.

Yes, an L1 holder can apply for a green card to obtain permanent residency while in status. There is a specific employment-based green category called EB-1C specifically for multinational executives and managers.

L1 and H1B visas; both offer equal opportunities to apply for a green card, but the difference only lies in the qualifying guidelines, so there is no question of one being good or bad.

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