Introduction: We have noticed recent upheavals among petitioners fearing to file their H-1B petitions and the new guidelines that keep coming. To help the Immigration community navigate the Law Offices of Prashanthi Reddy, In the current episode of the Immigration Webinar organized on 13th July 2023, Prashanthi and her team tried answering some of the burning questions related to US Immigration, especially H-1B visas and Green Cards.

We did the session to address the following:

  1. The participants raised live questions during the session.
  2. Queries on different social media platforms
  3. Trending issues on US Immigration

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Throughout the session, Prashanthi and her team delved into the nuances of the H-1B visa, which is highly sought after by skilled foreign professionals aspiring to work in the United States. They navigated the intricacies of the application process, discussing the eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and key timelines that applicants need to be aware of. Additionally, they explored the potential challenges and obstacles that individuals might encounter during the application process and shared practical tips and strategies to overcome them.

Another significant aspect covered in the Immigration webinar was the Green Card, which is often regarded as a gateway to permanent residency in the United States. Prashanthi and her team dedicated considerable time to unraveling the complexities surrounding Green Card applications. They discussed the various pathways to obtain a Green Card, including employment-based sponsorship, family-based sponsorship, and diversity visa lottery programs. Participants were provided with valuable insights into the eligibility requirements, documentation, and processing times associated with each pathway.