Many people have questions about the new visa bulletin, which marks the beginning of the new financial year and family-based immigration. There are also issues related to those who have filed petitions after the 2nd H-1B lottery.

Our current Webinar session held on 11-Oct-2023 tries to address the related queries. All-important questions related to the below topics:

  1. What are the different options for family-based immigration?
  2. How do you apply for green cards under different family-based categories?
  3. What is the eligibility criteria for family-based immigration?
  4. How did the H-1B registration for the cap season 2024 work, as we already have a 2nd lottery?
  5. How do you file the petition if the beneficiary is picked during the 2nd H-1B lottery?
  6. What is the chance of having a third lottery for the cap season 2024?

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