A non-US foreign national applying for an H1B visa to work in the USA takes his/her opportunity with the H1B visa lottery each year. H1B petitions are submitted only once a year during the application window. Therefore, it is significant that all measures are followed correctly to avoid problems.  The H1-B Visa applicant’s sponsor submits a registration for the employee during the annual registration window in April. The registration requires only a detailed summary of the applicant. The lottery is one of many phases in the H1B application procedure.

How Does The H-1B visa Lottery Process Work

The number of annual registrations made during the registration window generally far surpasses the annual cap level and the number of vacant visas. The window continues to be open to registrations for the declared period, even after the cap has been surpassed. Selection process is not on a first come first served basis. When the registration window is closed, USCIS takes out the H-1B visa lottery to specify which registrations will be brought on to the next stage. This is a spontaneous selection procedure of registrations accepted during the open window.

Lottery selections are filtered at random and are not specified by when registration was accepted nor is there any assessment of the merit of the registration. Once the 65,000 H1B cap has been filled, 20,000 requests will be randomly chosen from the Masters Cap application. Any of the 20,000 that are not appointed will return back into the regular cap.

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Successful petitions are then notified and asked to fulfil their full H-1B request within the given deadline. The specified deadline is commonly 90 days from the announcement. Selection in the visa lottery does not ensure the visa will be granted to the worker. The application will be evaluated against the visa requirements and eligibility standards.

How To Increase Your H1B Lottery Chances?

There are a few strategies to improve your H-1B lottery odds. The most evident way to improve your odds is to qualify for the master’s level (or higher) cap exemption. Being in the master’s degree cap-exemption pool boosts your likelihoods of at least a few percentage points. Don’t file your request after the cap is achieved because then you have less possibility of obtaining an H-1B visa for the 2022–2023 fiscal year.

To increase your H-1B lottery chances will require a quick submission of your application and all-important papers. If you hesitate and miss the current window, your possibility will be zero.

Follow the below steps to ensure you are avoiding any possible uncertainties or problems in the lottery selection process:

  • Ensure all application information and documents have been given and the exact fees has been paid.
  • Never send in your H1B petition before the opening period of the request window in April.
  • Apply as soon as the window opens.
  • Ensure that you have the mandatory degree or specialist knowledge to meet the eligibility for the job.
  • Make sure that the job is eligible for an H1B visa.
  • Don’t send many applications for one job. If an employer makes numerous or duplicated H1B applications for a single employee, it will be rejected. If USCIS accepts multiple applications from a single employer for one job position, they will deny them both. Two applications submitted by the candidate will eliminate your H-1B lottery chances.

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