H1-B Lottery Predictions for H1-B Cap Season 2024

The H1-B lottery is a follow-up process after the registration timeline is over, and the lottery is the initial process of screening registrations that USCIS uses. We all know why this screening is needed.

Why H1-B Lottery is an essential process in the H1-B cap season?

  1. Every year the number of registrations filed generally outnumbers the maximum number of new H1-B visas that USCIS will issue.
  2. There is also a chance of registration getting denied if not done correctly.
  3. In some cases, post-selection of any registration during the lottery process, the employer might now file the petition.

All You Need To Know About H1-B Lottery Process

How to do H1-B registration correctly?

The current method of H1-B Visa registration which an employer can do online, was first introduced in 2020 to make the process easy for them. For fiscal 2023-24, USCIS has announced a timeline that starts on Mar 1st, 2023, and ends at noon EST on Mar 17th, 2023. Any employers looking to hire prospective H1-B employers for the fiscal year 2024 will have 17 days to file all their registrations against all prospective employees for job roles that fit under the “specialty occupation” guidelines of the H1-B visa.

To remove the chance of denial due to incorrect registration, an employer needs to follow the below five steps:

Step 1: This step starts with creating a registrant & representative account on the USCIS website. If the employer is doing this, they need to open the registrant account, and if an immigration attorney does the same on their behalf, then the representative account is necessary.

Step 2: The next step is verifying the account. Post-registration USCIS sends you a confirmation email, and you can confirm the account using the details in the email.

Step 3: After creating the account, the employer or their attorney can start the registration process. One can file 250 employees or beneficiaries during any session. During this process, one needs to be handy with different kinds of information about the employee, like their full name, passport number, date of birth, country of origin and citizenship, etc., to complete each beneficiary’s registration.

Step 4: If an immigration attorney is doing the registration, they need to further confirm their details by filing the G-20 form after they complete the registration and will give the employer a passcode. The passcode is essential for the employer to verify the relationship with the attorney when they create their registrant account on the USCIS website.

Step 5: Once the registration is over, one needs to pay a fee of $10 to USCIS against each beneficiary. After the payment, the employer needs to do from their registrant account needs to press the save and finish buttons to complete the process.

All employers must remember that errors during steps 3 or 4 can lead to denial of registration, and we recommend avoiding typo errors.

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Understanding the H1-B lottery 2024 process

Once the window for registration closes on Mar 17th, 2023, the lottery process will begin. If we take precedence from previous H1-B cap seasons, the process will happen till Mar 31st, 2023, and a 90-day period will be available for each employer to file their petitions.

Here is an important question, how will one know that the registration has qualified during the H1-B lottery process?

USCIS’s website gives you four types of statuses for any registration so that the employer can judge selection.

Status 1 is “selected,” which gives a clear indication that the beneficiary is lucky during the lottery. The sponsor can start the process of filing the I-129. Be aware that they may be staggered filing deadlines for different registrants to ease the processing flow.

Status 2 is “Submitted,” but this doesn’t means there is a denial, and registration can have this status till late in the fiscal year. The same can change after filing the initial petitions, and there can even be a chance of a second lottery if the first doesn’t give satisfactory results.

Status 3 is “Not selected” if we go by the definition of this status, it means the lottery has not picked the registration and will read this status until Oct 1st, 2024.

Status 4 is “Denial,” which means first-hand rejection of the registration. If multiple registrations are done against the same employee, the registration will get the “denial” status immediately.

What are the predictions for the H1-B lottery 2024?

Due to the limited number of H1-B visas available in any fiscal year, registrations generally outnumber that availability. The Law Offices of Prashanthi Reddy predicts the number to be half a million. The numbers increased after the new registration process was in place in 2020. During 2021, the registration number was 274000, whereas the same rose to 308000 in 2022. The tech industry has seen significant layoffs in recent months, but the overall US job market remains robust, so we can expect a high number of registration for the H1-B cap season 2024. Based on the previous year’s track record, we hope that at least 1/3 of the registration will become lucky in the H1-B lottery 2024.

To conclude, whatever the probability of the lottery, any employer filing for registration in the H1-B cap season 2024 should avoid making silly mistakes during the registration process, which is the only way to improve their chance.

H1B Lottery Process- How The Law Offices of Prashanthi Reddy, PLLC Can help

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